SciWorks Observation Sat Jan 24, 2014

Hi FAS people:

This Saturday, January 24, we will have a public observation at Sci-Works. As usual, this will take place at the Sci-Works parking lot, where they will turn out the lights for us. Jupiter will be rising in the East around 7:00 PM, and Comet Lovejoy may be bright enough to see from this urban location.

The forecast so far looks pretty good. It will be cold but not brutal, with temperatures forecast in the 40’s.

I will send out an update later in the week.

Steve C.

Sunset: 5:40 PM
Astronomical twilight: 7:00

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Visit Town Creek Under the Stars

What to enjoy this weekend under the stars take a road trip to Town Creeek Historical Site

January 17:
Town Creek Under the Stars
Saturday, 6 – 10 pm

Join us for an evening beneath one of the last great dark sky sites in the North Carolina piedmont. Site telescopes will be available, or bring your own, to view Venus, Mercury, Mars, the constellation Taurus, and other heavenly sights. Participants should dress for the cold. Admission is free, but registration is required at 910-439-6802 or

Newspaper Report



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Globe at Night – January

Take part in the first Globe at Night survey of 2015 – January 11-20

 This month is Orion, should be easy to find and report on.


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Ten Celestial Events for 2015

Looking for things to view and have fun looking for, here are a few Ten Celestial Events for 2015, have fun looking up as there is a lot to see.

Artist’s conception of Dawn spacecraft at Ceres.

Artist’s conception of Dawn spacecraft at Ceres.


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Bursting with Holiday Energy : Image of the Day

Of interest to those concerned about light pollution and energy usage.

Check out the NASA view

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The Young Astronomers Newsletter January 2015

The Young Astronomers Newsletter


The Young Astronomers Newsletter Volume 23 Number 2 January 2015

By Art Gormley

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The Young Astronomers Newsletter December 2014

The Young Astronomers Newsletter


The Young Astronomers Newsletter Volume 23 Number 1 December 2014

By Art Gormley

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FAS Holiday Party December 2 at 7:30 PM

Join the Forsyth Astronomical Society at SciWorks on December 2nd for our 2014 Holiday gathering. This is a Potluck get together with wonderful food prepared by members to share with each other. FAS will provide drinks, plates, napkin, and plastic ware.



Steve will present his yearly club history review from the past up to the present.

Come on out and take part is should be a fun night for all.

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Sleepless in America

November 30, 2014 at 8PM ET on the National Geographic Channel 

In an unprecedented partnership, NGC along with The Public Good Projects and NIH, America’s foremost scientific authority, will draw the nation’s attention to the science of sleep — a topic fundamental to our collective well-being.

This as information on the link between light pollution and sleep problems! Pass on to your friends and family.

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Club Observation Tonight (members only)

Hi FAS folks:

All week, the forecast for our club observation at Bullington tonight has been mediocre. But this morning, it has improved significantly, at least for early in the evening (there is a rain system coming in late tonight, which makes the overall forecast a bit tricky). So, for now, the observation is on. I will be checking the forecast update at noon, and if it deteriorates, I’ll send out another notice.


There is other good news. Sean Wood, our intrepid reporter on the endless bridge repairs on Highway 52, reports that the bridge at the the town of Pilot Mountain exit on Hwy 52 is now open. He also reports that gas is quite cheap as you come off of 52.


I have just updated my email list with some new members, so for some of you, this may be your first notice of a club observation at Bullington. If you don’t know where Bullington is, you can find directions on the members-only section of the FAS web site. If you have any trouble accessing that section, please let me know.

Steve C.

Sunset: 5:09 PM
Astronomical twilight: 6:40

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