About – FAS

The Beginning

The Forsyth Astronomical Society was founded in 1937, with six charter members, owning three small telescopes between them. Regular meetings were held, featuring indoor programs and outdoor observing sessions.


Over the years, club members have built several instruments, and the club has acquired other telescopes to form a pool of instruments. Through the years, FAS has continued to provide programs and observing sessions to the members. In addition, the club has sponsored numerous public observing sessions, often tied to special astronomical events.


FAS currently average between forty and fifty members at any given time. Members are presented with a monthly program meeting, and monthly observing sessions are scheduled. Public observing sessions are scheduled about seven to eight times a year (more often if special events occur).


FAS currently meet at Kaleideum North Museum in Winston-Salem, NC (at 400 Hanes Mill Road). Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month, starting at about 7:30 PM.

Organization Info

FAS is a nonprofit 501©(3) organization. We hold many public viewing and instruction events. We strive to bring astronomy to those who would never have been exposed to it otherwise.

Club Information

Membership Information

Membership Information – Find out what our club offers with membership, there is more being done all the time and you can add to the mix of star watchers.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors and Other Club Positions

The Forsyth Astronomical Society’s Constitution and ByLaws


Newsletters – Old being replaced by the FAS37 website!

3 Responses to About – FAS

  1. Vance Parker says:

    I am interested in rejoining the FAS after a long absence. I own an 8″ Meade telescope. How do I sign back up? Thanks!

  2. graham1298 says:

    I’m a prior member just now finding my way back to the hobby. What does membership cost now? The membership link above is not actually a link, so no information was provided. I plan to attend the meeting on Tuesday, but would like to know the joining cost(s).

    Thanks, Robert

  3. Don Murray says:

    We are interested in visiting / joining the society. We are in Sophia just down the nw road. Please contact us.