Kaleideum North Observation Saturday January 20th

Update 1/19:

We are a go for tomorrow night’s observation. Conditions over today and tomorrow should help tremendously with any left over winter precipitation but PLEASE use your own judgment in getting out. We have many more events planned for the upcoming year. If you can safely, come on out and take in some night sky wonders. As a bonus… A local Starbucks will be providing free coffee and hot cider during the event. Thank you Starbucks.



This Saturday, January 20th, the Forsyth Astronomical Society is scheduled to host its first observation of the 2018 season in the parking area of Kaleideum North. I know we just had a pretty severe winter weather event but the next couple days are supposed to be quite warm with the highs on Saturday near 60 F and lows during the event getting into the mid to low 40’s, which is NOT too bad given this is a winter event. Still though, PLEASE dress appropriately for the weather, especially the little ones. We will be setting up an hour or so before sunset, 5:30 PM for Saturday, and begin observing as darkness falls. We should be able to show some interesting winter sky objects including several nebulae, star clusters, binary stars and possibly a galaxy or two in some of the larger scopes. This is a weather dependent event and a final weather call will be made by tomorrow afternoon and posted to this page entry and the club’s Facebook page.

If you’ve been contemplating astronomy as a hobby or want to learn more about the equipment needed, come early and look over our equipment, feel free to ask us questions. We LOVE to talk shop. Also, if you have your own personal equipment and need advice or pointers on its setup and use, feel free to bring it during that early setup time and stay and use your gear during the observation as well.








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