Last Observation at Stone Mountain State Park for this Season 10/14

Update 10/14: The weather prediction for this evening has changed dramatically over the last 12 hours or so and we have rescinded our cancellation for this evenings event, especially with it being our last event at this venue for the year. We are a GO folks!!! Come out and enjoy some dark sky wonders.

Update 10/13: We are CANCELLING the observation planned for tomorrow evening due to adverse conditions. There is a large cloud formation lingering on the eastern slope of the Blue Ridge, couple that with the heavy humidity from recent weather activity and conditions just aren’t conducive to having a decent observation. Hopefully we will have better luck next year. Our next public observing opportunity will be on November 11th at Pilot Mountain state park, more info on that event as the date approaches.


This Saturday October 14th, the Forsyth Astronomical Society will host its last observation at Stone Mountain State Park for the 2017 season in the family camping area. This is primarily an event for the campers of the park but the public is welcome to attend. This event used to be a lock in style event but changes to park regulations allow for visitors entrance and egress as they please. Saturn will be visible early in the evening. As darkness proceeds we can show you various star clusters, binary star systems, several different nebulae and even several galaxies. With the moon not rising till very late this should be a great dark sky opportunity, if the clouds stay away. This IS a weather dependant event and a final weather call will be made by midday Friday Oct 13. This post and the club’s Facebook page will be updated to reflect that weather call.

As of this posting the weather is forecast to be partly cloudy and lows in the mid to low 60’s. You may want to have a light jacket available. With as warm as it has been of late, you will most definitely want insect repellent. Please refrain from spraying repellent near scopes or other optic devices. Repellents are usually sticky and can damage the precision optical surfaces. Please refrain from using flashlights or cell phones in the observation area. Once your eyes dark adapt, I promise you, you will be able to see fine to navigate around. If you have need to find something ask a member and they can use a red flashlight to help you. Please note the observation site on the campsite map below. Access to the site can be gained via a grassy path between sites 35 and 36. If you are a non camping attendee please park at the bathhouse near the observation site or along the grassy median away from campsites along the main road.  Please be respectful and do not walk through other’s campsites.


A reminder to attending club members: This location is prone to HEAVY dew. Please keep this in mind and adjust your equipment strategy accordingly.

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