Pilot Mountain Public Observation Saturday February 18th

Update 2/24: We are a GO!!!! for our observation tomorrow evening. The weather forecast is calling for showers early tomorrow but clearing off by day’s end and clear skies tomorrow night. If the weather forecast changes abruptly or drastically we will make an emergency cancellation call, so check this page or the club’s Facebook page before heading out.

Update 2/17: Due to poor conditions projected for tomorrow evening the Pilot Mountain observation has been canceled and rescheduled for Saturday February 25th. Fingers crossed for better conditions on that date. A final weather call for the 25th will be posted on the 24th.


The Forsyth Astronomical Society will be hosting a public observation on Saturday February 18th in the upper knob overlook parking area of Pilot Mountain State Park. This is our premier public observation site due to its dark skies. We will be able to show you more dark sky objects at this location than any public event site we use. Sunset is at 6:07pm. As dusk falls Venus and Mars will be easily seen. As darkness ebbs on a plethora of star clusters, nebulae and even galaxies will be available if sky conditions allow. You will especially want to see the Great Orion Nebula, M42 it is the crown jewel of the winter skies and can easily be seen with the most modest telescopes and binoculars. New objects will be rising as the night progresses . If you visit and see “all there is to see”, give it a couple of hours and we can show you more. We will continue with the observation until 10pm.

Forecasts as of this post have the lows for the 18th to be in the low 40’s for the surrounding area. Being that we will be atop the mountain the temps are likely to be as much as 10 degrees cooler, possibly more if the wind is blowing, so please dress appropriately, especially the little ones. This event is a weather dependent event so stay tuned to this post or the club’s Facebook page for a final weather call the Friday before the event. You can also call Sciworks after 5pm on Friday for the weather call via their automated voice message system. In the event of inclement weather there is a rain date of February 25th. We hope to see you all there.

Pilot Panna

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