Sciworks Radio Astronomy Broadcast


Sciworks RadioFor those unaware, Sciworks’ very own Shawn Fitzmaurice hosts a radio segment on our


The Great Orion Nebula, a “stellar nursery”, where stars are created and destroyed forming the elements we are all made of.

local NPR station 88.5 WFDD. This week’s broadcast will be an astronomy related topic that will include an interview with Dr. John Barrow from Cambridge University about stellar formation and how that relates to the matter we’re all composed of. You can stream the broadcast from WFDD’s site  tomorrow evening, May 6th, or catch it on the air Sunday May 8th at 8:35AM and 5:35PM.

Below are links to stream some of Shawn’s previous astronomy related broadcasts. Click on any of these titles to be linked to the broadcast stream.


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