Young Astronomers Newsletter August 2017

The Young Astronomers Newsletter


The Young Astronomers Newsletter Volume 25 Number 8 August 2017

By Bob Patsiga



In this month’s edition of the newsletter Bob discusses:

  • More information about the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21st.
  • Scientists in Scotland are recreating the Mars environment in a lab and what their findings mean for potential life on Mars including our intentions for visitation.
  • Follow up on the Cassini mission and it’s pending dramatic end of mission procedure.
  • News on the progress of the James Webb Space Telescope.
  • Astronomical August birthdays
  • Celestial happening in August.

The FAS and Kaleideum staff will be hosting a solar eclipse viewing event at Kaleideum on August 21st. Follow along at the club’s website,, or our Facebook page for further details in the coming week.