Young Astronomers Newsletter December 2017

The Young Astronomers Newsletter


The Young Astronomers Newsletter Volume 25 Number 12 December 2017

By Bob Patsiga



In this month’s edition of the newsletter Bob discusses:

  • The politics of space flight. Congress issues warnings to NASA concerning it recent delay of the Space Launch System.
  • A long-lasting supernova, iPTF14hls, discovered in 2014, is puzzling astronomers and possibly leading to some new theories about supernova behavior.
  • The planetary probe, Juno, is making some close-up observations and measurements of Jupiter’s electric, magnetic and gaseous dynamics.  The giant polar auroras are spectacular.
  •  The Arecibo Radio Observatory in Puerto Rico, sustained only minor damage from hurricane Maria.  However, the observatory may still be in dire straits due to budgeting woes.
  • Our Sun’s weak sunspot cycle and what might be causing it.
  • December’s astronomical birthdays
  • Celestial happenings for the month which include a Super Moon, prominent meteor shower, the bright planets you can see in the predawn sky.
  • A sky map of the winter constellations to help guide you through the December sky.
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