Stone Mt State Park Outreach- 2015

These are the dates for 2015

May 9th
June 20th
July 25th
August 22nd
September 5th
October 3rd

Remember this is a lock in for the campers, FAS members will leave at the same time after the Observation!

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Update for the events this weekend from your club president.

The Yadkin County Star Party scheduled for tonight is an unqualified GO!
The weather looks great for the evening, a bit cool, perhaps, but clear.
The clouds should hold off until later.

A map is attached. 421 west to the Unifi exit.
We will be in the last baseball field (the access road at the end of the park
is slightly different than the map, as it is being changed to a loop, but it is
the same field shown on the map). We can drive out onto the outfield
of the baseball field to unload.

Unfortunately, the weather looks really bad for the Saturday night observation
at SciWorks (so make sure you come tonight to the Yadkin Star Party).
So the observation part of the SciWorks event is cancelled.

As I mentioned yesterday, we could still use some help at SciWorks.
There is the 2:30 “Make a Pocket Solar System” program that we need help with.
Bruce will present his Pluto, Dwarf Planet, New Horizons program at 7:00,
followed at around 8:00 with a planetarium sky tour. Bruce has suggested that
we could use a few telescopes setup inside to support these programs.

We can discuss this tonight at the Yadkin Star Party.

Hope to see you there.

David Morgan
FAS President


Map to the lower ball field at Yadkin County Park

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Night Sky Viewing Outreach – April 24 & 25

Join Forsyth Astronomical Society for two nights viewing the wonders of the night sky. FAS will be setting up telescopes for all to take a look through, as part of North Carolina Science week and FAS Outreach.

Friday April 24, 2015 Yadkinville Star Party at Yadkin County Park

Saturday April 25, 2015 SciWorks Observation at SciWorks in Winston-Salem

Club member will be at both events setting up before Sunset please plan to be there before 7:30PM or come early to check out some of FAS members cool equipment or a possible look at the Sun.

High points of the night will be Jupiter, Venus, and our Moon and if the weather allows other interesting gems like Beehive cluster in the constellation Cancer, or the Bode’s Nubulae the galaxy M81 and M82 in Ursa Major. The early birds might get a quick peek at Mars


24 April — Yadkinville Star Party
Yadkin County Park
6600 Service Rd
Yadkinville, NC 27055

25 April — SciWorks Observation
400 Hanes Mill Road
Winston Salem, NC

Join us for both nights or just one it will be a lots of fun and everyone will see something new!

Sunset is at about 8:02PM.

Solar viewing may be available earlier in the day swing by and check out the Sun.

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The Young Astronomers Newsletter April 2015

The Young Astronomers Newsletter


The Young Astronomers Newsletter Volume 23 Number 5 April 2015

By Art Gormley

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FAS 24 March 2015 Meeting

The March meeting of the Forsyth Astronomical Society
is this Tueday night, March 24th  at 7:30 at SciWorks.
The program is a tour and discussion of Steve Esparsa’s observatory setup.

David Morgan
FAS President

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TriStar – GTCC – March 6&7 2015

Event Schedule:
The schedule is now online at

Saturday Speaker List:
Tom Brown, STScI, On the Trail of the Missing Galaxies: the Oldest Stars in the Neighborhood David Pitonzo, High Point University, Musings on the Likelihood of Extraterrestrial Civilization Chris Richardson, Elon University, The Crab Nebula: Our Local Young Supernova Remnant Maria Temming, Elon University, A Summer at Sky & Telescope

Friday Presentation:
Tom Brown (STScI) will give a public lecture the Friday before TriStar – at 7:00 p.m. in the same auditorium as the TriStar event. Topic: Deepest Hubble Images Expose the Violent History of our Galactic Neighborhood

Updated Directions:
There has been a change in the traffic pattern near GTCC that could impact some of you, depending on how you get here. Updated directions have been posted here:

If we get more bad weather the weekend of TriStar and GTCC closes, the event cannot be held.
In case inclement weather causes the Jamestown Campus of GTCC to be closed on the date of TriStar, please monitor campus status before coming to GTCC.
Weather status information is available at the GTCC web page or by dialing the GTCC switchboard at 336-334-4822. We’ll also post status updates on our Twitter page: (As is our tradition, the meeting hashtag will be #tristar2015.)

Let me know if you have questions – hope to see you at GTCC on 7 March.

E-Mail correspondence to and from this address may be subject to the North Carolina Public Records Law and shall be disclosed to third parties when required by the statutes (G.S. 132-1.)

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The Young Astronomers Newsletter March 2015

The Young Astronomers Newsletter


The Young Astronomers Newsletter Volume 23 Number 4 March 2015

By Art Gormley

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Tonight’s FAS meeting is cancelled Feb 24, 2015

Tonight’s meeting of the Forsyth Astronomical Society has been cancelled due to inclement weather.
Temperatures will below or around freezing all day. Road conditions could be icy after sunset even though much of the snow on the roadways has melted. The programs will be rescheduled.

See you next month…

David Morgan
FAS President

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Pilot Mountain Observation Delayed – Cancelled

February 21, 2015 – Cancelled

Hi FAS folks:

Looks like this is not going to be our month for observations at Pilot Mountain. Tomorrow night’s forecast calls for steady cold rain; a good night to stay indoors.

Because daylight savings time will begin shortly, this is our last opportunity for an observation at Pilot Mountain this season. Our next opportunity will be in November when DST ends. Our next public observation at Sci-Works is Saturday, April 25. We do not expect snow and ice then.

Steve C.

Hi FAS friends:

The forecast wind chill at the top of Pilot Mountain tomorrow night (14 Feb) will be below zero. While many of us at FAS are often not too bright, even we are not dumb enough to hold a public observation under those conditions. So we’re going to punt for tomorrow night and hope for better luck up there next Saturday (February 21, 2015) night. I’ll be updating the forecast for that re-scheduled event later next week. In the meantime, happy Valentines Day to you all!

Steve C.


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Pilot Mountain State Park Observation February 14, 2015

Join the Forsyth Astronomical Society at Pilot Mountain State Park for a night of viewing the stars above. Club members will gather in the parking lot at the top of the mountain before sunset. Come on out and take a look at some of the wonders of the night. Please dress warm and the temperature and wind will make it very cold.
Place – Pilot Mountain State Park North Carolina
Sunset is at 6:01PM
Turn dark is at 7:27PM
We will be off the mountain by 10:00PM.
Planets –
Mars and Venus at Sunset
Jupiter later in the evening and it raises above the trees to the east.

Deep Space Objects –
Messier 42 the Orion Nebula, Messier 45 the Pleiades, Messier 1 the Crab Nebula, Messier 31 the Andromeda Galaxy and Many Many More!!

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